July Class Schedule

*Before registering for classes, please read the Summer Class Protocols listed on the homepage and under the “Studio Updates” tab. All dancers will be required to follow these protocols in order to attend our Summer Classes. To maintain social distancing, we will be taking a limited number of dancers per class. Once the class is full, registration will be closed for that class. If you are interested in taking live stream classes through Zoom, please email the studio*

Princess Camp (ages 3-4) and Tropical Beach Camp (ages 5-6) do not need to view the below listed levels or schedules. 

Listed below is the July Class Schedule and a breakdown of recommended levels. These classes are for dancers kindergarten and older.Upon registering for classes, each dancer will be charged a $50 fee which will cover your first 5 classes. Each additional class (over 5) will be $10/class and will be invoiced on your Parent Portal. *Please note: July classes are held primarily by LEVEL and not AGE (unless otherwise noted) and are general recommendations. If you have questions about which level would be right for your dancer, please email the studio at bartondance@qwestoffice.net. *Teachers reserve the right to move dancers to different levels. Classes are subject to change based on registration*

Any Class Listed As “All Ages”

Open to EVERYONE from Kindergarten through adult!


Acro Class A- knows nothing to has handstand and cartwheel (preschool- 1st grade)

Acro Class B – Has worked on handstand to back arabian

Acro Class C – Has worked on Back handsprings and side ariels

Acro Class D- Has worked back tuck


Beginner Level: Has had 3 or fewer years of ballet technique training

Intermediate Level: Has had between 4-5 years of ballet technique training

Advanced Level: Has had more than 5 years of ballet technique training

Legs and Leaps:

Beginner Level: Has had 3 or fewer years of flexibilty/leap training (working on splits, battements, split leaps, side jete leaps, illusions)

Intermediate Level: Has had between 4-5 years of flexibility/leap training (working on over-splits, attitude leaps, tilt leaps, capezio leaps, leg spins)

Advanced Level: Has had more than 5 years of flexibility/leap training (working on advanced stretches, switch leaps, multi-level leaps, advanced flexibility)

Abs and Turns

Beginner Level: Working on learning basic pirouettes, singles

Intermediate Level: Working on double turns, triple turns, learning Turns in Second

Advanced Level: Working on multiple turns, Turns in Second combinations, has solid triple turn or more

Hip Hop

Beginner Level: Geared towards ages Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Intermediate Level: Geared towards dancers in 3rd-6th Grade

Advanced Level: Geared towards dancers 7th-12th Grade


July 2020-Week 4