Recital Volunteer Form

Please click on the PDF file below to print the Recital Volunteer Form.

2019 Recital Volunteer Form


Recital 2019 Volunteer Form

Please consider volunteering at one of our shows!

Dance Class Moms – These Moms will need to be able to commit to both the rehearsal and the recital for their child’s class. We will need moms for the preschool through 6th grade classes, Acro, and Hip Hop. We need moms who are patient and organized. It can be a little chaotic backstage! You will need to stay with the class until they are completely finished dancing and their parents pick them up. You will be supervising and helping to dress the dancers in your child’s class. Don’t worry, you wont miss your dancer’s big moment, you will come into the auditorium to watch your dancer on stage!

Dads on Patrol – The main job for our Dads is crowd control! We will need to have you at the show about 60 minutes early just to help control the lines and help direct people where to go. We will also need several Dads posted at doors and other areas to keep unauthorized people from entering.

Ushers – These Moms or Dads will pass out programs, help seat guests with special needs, and prevent seat saving. We will need you at the show early to help with crowd control, and will need several to stay and help during the show.

Please return the bottom of this sheet by April 25th if you would like to volunteer!

Thank you, we could not do this without you!


Parent Name: __________________________

Students Name: _________________________

Students Class Time: ____________________

I would like to volunteer to be:

________ Dance Class Mom (Preschool – 6th grade) – Please mark preference

w/combo class_______ w/Hip Hop_______ w/Acro_______ w/extra groups ________

________ Dad on Patrol

________ Usher

Preferred show to volunteer: ______________

(If student is dancing in more than 1 show)

Dance Class Moms and Dads on Patrol will need to wear a special T-shirt provided by us.

________ Size needed (unisex)

Please Return form by April 25th, 2019

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