Recital 2021 Packet

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Recital 2021

This includes all of the important information you will need to know for 

recital.  Please take the time to read it carefully, and please ask questions if you are 

unsure about anything! 


Dates & times will be listed by your dancer’s class & time.  Please be sure you are looking at the correct classes as we have classes with the same day & time in different studios. There will be routines with the same name performed by different classes in different shows.  You cannot just look for the song or name of the routine, you must make sure that it is for your child’s class.   Please make sure you check picture, rehearsal, and recital times for each one of your child’s recital classes (ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, pointe, small groups, etc).  If you are unsure or have any questions, please call the studio.

COSTUME FITTING WEEK (at Studio)will be held Monday, May 10th – Thursday, May 13hMasks are required. Please come with your dancer to class and  bring all costumes.  Some classes do not need parents to attend, if that is your child’s class you will get a separate email. Make sure your dancer is wearing tights, and bring some safety pins and bobby pins. You might find it helpful to bring a copy of this info sheet so that you can take costume & recital notes on it, this way you can have all needed info in one place.  We will show you how the costume is to be worn and answer any questions you may have.    This is for all dancers, preschool through 12th grade.  Make up is not required for the fitting.  Please, no friends, this is not an observation week!  No Dads please, the girls will be undressing in the dance rooms.

PICTURE DAY (at Studio) –  Saturday, May 22nd.  Masks are required (except during photo). Your scheduled picture times are posted on our website.  Be sure to check the day/time for each routine.  On picture day we will have group pictures taken as well as individual pictures.  If you are not having your picture taken, please let us know so that we are not waiting on you.  

Hip hop (1st – 12th grade) will not have group pictures taken.  If you would like an individual or buddy picture taken in your Hip Hop costume, you may do so anytime during picture day.

Stage make-up (eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and mascara) is to be worn during your pictures, dress rehearsal, and recital.  The teachers will go over make up colors and application during costume fitting week.  How hair is to be worn for pictures, rehearsal, and recital will also be discussed that week.  Preschool and Kindergarten dancers may wear their hair in any style as long as it is up and out of their faces.  Proper shoes and tights must also be worn.  Please make sure you purchase the correct shoes and tights before picture day.  No hair jewelry, and no underwear is to be worn please.  We will use the empty studios for dressing rooms.  Parents must stay in the waiting or dressing rooms while the pictures are being taken in studio.

Please be at the studio at least 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time.  If you are not here on time, the picture will be taken without you!  We do our best to stay on schedule, but when working with little ones, this can be a challenge!   Please be patient, things happen, but we do not mean to take more of your time than necessary.  

Once you are here, please plan to stay until all of your pictures are taken.  If you have a big break, please check with us to see if we are running ahead.  

NO PICTURES may be taken in the dressing areas!  It is possible you could accidentally get a picture of someone dressing in the background, this has happened!  You may ONLY take pictures in lobby.  

Your pictures will be available to order online. A detailed email with instructions will be sent the week of pictures. 

DRESS REHEARSALS (at SEP High School) –  Thursday, June 10th and Friday, June 11th.

SPECIFIC DATES/TIMES WILL BE POSTED SOON.   Masks are required, except on stage. Once posted, please check the website to see when your are scheduled for rehearsals.  Remember, if you are in more than one recital class you will probably need to attend more than one rehearsal.  Please be dressed and ready to dance at the SEP HS Auditorium at least 15 minutes before your rehearsal time.  This is a dress rehearsal, you will need make up on, hair done, all costumes/accessories, and proper shoes/tights.  For most routines, we will be rehearsing in show order.  Please check the  final show order (will be posted soon) so that you will know which costume to put on first.  You are free to go when your child has rehearsed all of their routines.  

There is no way to predict how much time will be needed to make sure the dancers are ready and comfortable.  This time is set aside for the dancers and we will take the time that is needed for them.   Please be patient and know that we are doing what is best for the dancers.   Please clear your schedules for the entire rehearsal time.  This is a very important part of your child’s recital experience!

We will run rehearsal just like it will be at the recital.  Only “Dance Class Moms” will be allowed backstage during rehearsal.  Preschoolers through 1st graders will need to be checked in and out, just as they will for recital.  All other students (2nd grade and older), do not have to be checked in or out and will be free to leave the backstage area when they are done rehearsing, please arrange a meeting spot with your child for both rehearsal and recital.  Please make sure that you send a backpack or rolling case with your dancer that contains all costumes, shoes, tights and accessories. Make sure everything is clearly marked with their name.

Pictures and videos may be taken during rehearsal.  This will not be allowed during recital.   Absolutely NO pictures or videos may be taken in the dressing areas!  

RECITAL (at SEP High School) Saturday, June 12th at 9:30, 2:00 & 6:30, Sunday, June 13th at 1:00 & 6:00.  SPECIFIC DAYS/TIMES WIL BE POSTED SOON.  Masks are required, except on stage. Once posted, please check the website for your dancer’s recital days & times. If they are in more than one class, they may be in more than one recital, be sure to check the schedule for each of your child’s recital classes.  We do our best to ensure that as many of your routines as possible are in the same show.  

Some routines involve dancers from several different classes, so some dancers will need to come to a different recital to perform that routine.  We apologize, there is really no way around this.  Recital is just one weekend a year.  Please clear your schedules for the entire weekend if necessary.  

NEW:  The High School has asked that nobody be allowed in the building until 30 minutes prior to the show.  That includes dancers and audience members.  There is to be no gathering the the atrium.  When the building doors open, dancers will go to dressing areas and those with tickets will go directly to the auditorium to be seated.  Everyone will need to leave immediately following the show and return again 30 minutes prior to the next show.  Please arrive on time.  We start each show on time and the show will go on without you if you are not there! 

There are to be no dancers in the backstage/dressing areas in between shows, we need time to reset for the new show!  You will be allowed back in the building 30 minutes before the show.  

We will have “Dance Class Moms” that will be responsible for dressing and supervising the preschool through 6th grade dancers.  Only “Dance Class Moms” will be allowed in the dressing areas before, during, and after the shows.  No one else will be allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Make sure you put names in all shoes, tights, and on costumes!  Have all of your child’s costumes, shoes, tights, hairpieces, accessories, and other supplies all together in a bag.  Please do not send your child with a container that is too big for them to carry by themselves.   A rolling case works best.  Younger students should not bringmake up in their bags.  We will have disposable applicators if their make up needs touched up.  Send extra safety pins for costumes, and bobby pins for headpieces.  No underwear is to be worn under costumes, no fingernail polish, no fake tattoos, and no gum!  

Preschool – 1st grade dancers – You will need to check in your dancers at the designated when the doors open 30 minutes before the show.  Please make sure your child comes dressed in the costume for their first dance with their hair and make up already done.  Please take your child to the restroom before you check them in.   You will not be allowed to go to the dressing area with your dancer, so please make sure they can carry everything by themselves. Please do not send clothes for them to change into after they are done performing, keep their street clothes with you and you can change them once they are picked up if you would like.  The changes between costumes is plenty for the dance class moms to handle, we don’t want to add in an extra change and extra clothes for them to keep track of.  The Preschool dancers will be checked out at intermission, as their routines will be done in the first half.  All others will be checked out at the end of recital.  No exceptions.

2nd Grade and older dancers – You will not need to check your dancers in or out.  You will not be allowed to go to the dressing areas with your dancers, so please make sure they can carry everything by themselves.   Second grade and older dancers must remain backstage for the entire recital.  Once the recital is over, they will be free to leave.  Please make sure you have arranged a meeting place!

Hip Hop Only/Acro Only Dancers – There will be some recitals that you will only have hip hop, only acro, or both. 

Hip Hop only (Preschool – 3rd grade) – Your routine will be in the 1st half of the show.  You will check in when the recital starts (you will not need to be there 30 minutes before).  You will be allowed to leave after you have performed, IF hip hop is your only dance that show.  

Hip Hop only (4th – 6th grade) – Your routine will be in the 2nd half of the show.  You will check in at intermission and you will be allowed to leave after you have performed, IF hip hop is your only dance that show.

Acro only –  Please check in 30 minutes after the show starts.  The acro routine will be right after intermission, and you will be allowed to leave as soon as your routine is over.  

Other dances – If  for some reason you dance only in the first half of the show, you will come backstage 30 minutes before the show and you may leave at intermission.  If you dance only in the second half of the show, you will check in 30 minutes after the show starts, and may leave after the show.  

EVERYONE ELSE MUST REMAIN BACKSTAGE UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVER.   For no reason will your dancer be allowed to leave before the show is over.  Please don’t ask, the answer will be NO.   This is only one weekend out of the year, please clear your schedule so this is not a problem.

There is to be no videotaping and no photography of any kind by the audience during the shows.  This includes phones, ipads, and non flash cameras.  It is disruptive to the dancers and the audience. You will be asked to leave if you are seen taking pictures or videotaping during the recital.  Please relay this information to the family/friends that will be attending. We do allow both videotaping and all types of photography during the dress rehearsals. 

A video company will be taping all of the shows for you to purchase.  Order forms will be available at the recital.

VOLUNTEERS Please consider volunteering at one of our shows.  We need “Dance Class Moms”, “Daddy Patrol” and Ushers at all of the shows. You will still be able to watch your dancer perform on stage!  During the shows, please be considerate and respectful of all our volunteers.  They work very hard to make our show a success.   If you are interested in volunteering, please print a form off our web site and turn it in to the office by May 17th.

T-SHIRTS – There is a link on the website for the T-Shirt order.  You must order online by May 14th.  

TIGHTS – You will be told during your costume fitting if your dancer will need tights or special shoes. We have tights in stock for purchase, please do not wait until the last minute to purchase your tights.  You will need to have the correct tights for pictures, rehearsals, and recitals.  Everyone must wear the same tights.   Child size price is $14.78 and adults are $16.43. 

RECITAL TICKETS/SEATING The High School has asked that we only allow ½ capacity in the auditorium this year due to Covid restrictions.  Dancers normally receive 8 tickets, but will only be receiving 4 this year due to this restriction.  We will be taping off seats and allowing groups of 4 to sit together.  We will be live streaming the recital for those who are unable to attend.

We will be using different colored tickets for each show.  You must have the correct ticket to enter. Each dancer will receive 4 tickets to their show.  You will be able to pick up your tickets during picture weekend or anytime after that, until the last week of dance.  If you need more tickets, please let us know and we will place you on a wait list for 2 extra tickets at a time.

Your account must be paid in full before you will be given your tickets.

If your child is in more than one recital, you will be given tickets to the show that we have the most available seats.  You may swap those tickets for other shows if they are available.  

SENIORS – You will receive 4 VIP tickets.  Your guests will be allowed into a reserved area by presenting one of these tickets.  The VIP tickets are different for each day, you will need to let us know which days you want for your tickets.  We can put you on a wait list if you need more tickets if needed.

The auditorium (and building) will be emptied after each performance, you will need to take all of your belongings.  We are asking that everyone be courteous and not save seats.  Of course it is acceptable to save a few seats for elderly grandparents, etc., it is NOT acceptable to bring blankets and coats and save an entire row.  The ushers will be enforcing this policy.  

Please let the office know ahead of time if you have a special seating need, such as a wheelchair. This takes some planning and is difficult to handle the day of.  


Your account must be paid in full before you will receive your costumes and recital tickets.  If your account is not paid in full by MAY 24th, your child will not be able to perform in the recital.   Please make a plan now to ensure that this does not happen.   Any payment made after the May 24th, must be paid with cash or credit/debit card.  NO CHECKS will be accepted.  Check with the office if you are not sure of your balance. 

We welcome you to our 2021 show!

  Your dancers have been working very hard to make this years’ recital a great success.

  Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the show!

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