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Summer Protocols Bulletin


Our “Quarantine Friendly” Picture Days are coming up on June 27th and 28th. To abide by current CDC guidelines, we will be offering individual, family, and buddy pictures only (up to 4 dancers in one photo). We highly encourage everyone to come and be photographed, as no purchase is necessary. We understand times are hard for many of you, so our photographer will keep the pictures available for order in case you would like to order at a later date.

On July 11th and 12th, the photographer will be at the studio from 1:00-6:00 p.m. on both days. These will be open houses for all dancers that were photographed to stop in to the studio and view the picture proofs. You can write down the number that is on each one of your dancer’s proofs, and you can either choose to purchase photos at that time or simply give the numbers of your dancer(s) to our photographer. We also encourage all dancers that are photographed to attend one of these open houses, even if you do not wish to purchase pictures at that time. It is very important that the photographer receives the proof numbers that correspond with your dancer so that, in the future if you wish to purchase pictures at a later date, he can easily pull past photo proofs for your dancer. He will keep the numbers, make files for each dancer, and be able to easily access the pictures at a later date.

Protocols for Picture Days to keep you and your dancers safe:

-Only ONE adult/chaperone can attend with each dancer. No males will be allowed in the female dressing rooms.

-At your dancer’s scheduled picture time, we will let you in to the studio to set up your changing areas. We will have hand sanitizing stations set up at the entry way and will require everyone to sanitize prior to entry in the studio. As soon as your dancer is dressed and ready, you may proceed to the line up for pictures. After their picture is taken, you can go back to the changing room and get ready for your next costume or you can leave as soon as you are done.

-We will be sanitizing all dance floors and surfaces in between each scheduled class picture time. Because we need this time to sanitize, we will not be allowing anyone in to the building prior to their scheduled time unless the full sanitizing procedures in the studio have been completed. We ask that if you are early for your scheduled time, to remain in your vehicles until we announce it is your time. No one will be permitted in the building prior to their scheduled picture times.

-We will have taped squares on the floors in the studios that are safely distanced 6ft or more apart. Please pick a square for your dancer to change in. Make sure all belongings stay within their own “square”.

-Individual and buddy pictures (up to 4 dancers) will be taken in any costume that you would like, in any order. We have allotted a certain amount of time for each set of classes based on the amount of people we can have in the building at one time, safely at 6 feet apart. You will be able to have your dancer(s) put on any of their costumes, in any order, then get in line for their photo. You can take pictures in any costumes you would like. See the attached schedule for each classes’ allotted photography time.

  • If you would like buddy, family or sibling pictures, you can bring them to any scheduled time to get their picture taken.

-If you have a no-contact request (ie: would like the teacher who is posing the pictures to not touch your dancer for posing, or if you would like a buddy photo that is free from contact with the other dancers), please let us know and we would be happy to make sure your dancer is “contact free”.

-If your dancer, you, or any family members have suffered any fevers, cough, or signs of cold or illness within 7 days prior to these dates, we ask that you refrain from attending.

Please see below for your schedule picture time

Thank you, and we hope to see you at pictures!

PBDS Staff

2020 Picture Times


**Don’t forget, in honor of what was supposed to be our 51st Recital, we will be hosting an End-Of-the-Season/Senior Send-Off car parade THIS Saturday (June 6th) from 11:00am-12:00pm! We invite ALL dance families to drive through the parking lot, wave at ALL of the teachers and seniors, view the senior’s memory boards, and help us end this season with happiness and an outpouring of love! THE FIRST 200 FAMILIES WILL RECEIVE A FREE “PBDS DANCER LIVES HERE” YARD SIGN!! Please send a HUGE THANK YOU to the very generous Aulwes family for funding and designing these signs as a gift for our very amazing dance families! We have had such an amazing amount of kindness and understanding from all of you during this very trying time, and we cannot thank you all enough for sticking with us! We can’t wait to see you all of your smiling faces this weekend, WE MISS YOU!

Below we have attached the Senior Bios that would have normally been in our recital program. Please take the time to read about our seniors to see all of the amazing futures these PBDS dancers have in front of them. Oh, the places they will go!

Lastly, information will be coming out very soon regarding Picture Weekend and In-Studio Summer Classes! Private and private group lessons, camps, classes, and intensives will all be held this summer per recommended CDC guidelines! We are working hard to finalize schedules and details and will be sending that out very soon. WE CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE DANCERS BACK IN THE STUDIO!

Thank you all so much, we hope to see you Saturday!

PBDS Staff

2020 Senior Page

*This situation is ever-changing and incredibly fluid. After the posting of this update, Governor Reynolds did decide to open youth sports to some capacity on June 1st. No guidelines have been given as of yet. We expect to hear by next week and will adjust our summer classes appropriately*

Studio Update-End of Season 1

Studio Update-End of Season 2

Studio Update-End of Season 3



*ATTENTION any dancer that is in a non-competitive hip hop class:

Normally, for recital hip hop costumes, I would have used our apparel company to design shirts for each routine. I usually do this in the early part of April. However, since we went on lockdown during Spring Break I put a hold on designing those items until we had a better idea of what we were up against. Since the quarantine is lasting much longer than I anticipated, I will not be ordering shirts for the hip hop routines this year. The studio simply does not have the cash flow to purchase all of those items at this time and this will also save you all a bit of money as well. Your accounts have not been charged for any recital hip hop costumes and you have not paid any deposits on those. If your dancer is enrolled only in hip hop and has no other costumes, you will not need to attend the “Costume Pick-Up” days next week.

Stay tuned for a “Recital T-Shirt Contest Alert” coming out soon, it will give your dancers and families a chance to design our t-shirts for this year! We will announce the contest on Facebook, Instagram, and Team App very soon!

Thank you, Bless you all!



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