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*This situation is ever-changing and incredibly fluid. After the posting of this update, Governor Reynolds did decide to open youth sports to some capacity on June 1st. No guidelines have been given as of yet. We expect to hear by next week and will adjust our summer classes appropriately*

Studio Update-End of Season 1

Studio Update-End of Season 2

Studio Update-End of Season 3



*ATTENTION any dancer that is in a non-competitive hip hop class:

Normally, for recital hip hop costumes, I would have used our apparel company to design shirts for each routine. I usually do this in the early part of April. However, since we went on lockdown during Spring Break I put a hold on designing those items until we had a better idea of what we were up against. Since the quarantine is lasting much longer than I anticipated, I will not be ordering shirts for the hip hop routines this year. The studio simply does not have the cash flow to purchase all of those items at this time and this will also save you all a bit of money as well. Your accounts have not been charged for any recital hip hop costumes and you have not paid any deposits on those. If your dancer is enrolled only in hip hop and has no other costumes, you will not need to attend the “Costume Pick-Up” days next week.

Stay tuned for a “Recital T-Shirt Contest Alert” coming out soon, it will give your dancers and families a chance to design our t-shirts for this year! We will announce the contest on Facebook, Instagram, and Team App very soon!

Thank you, Bless you all!



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