Walk-In Class Schedule Week 3

The following is the Week 3 walk-in class schedule (July 19th-22nd). These classes are for dancers in kindergarten-12th grade. Please ask a teacher if you are unsure of which level to attend. Teachers reserve the right to move students to classes that are most appropriate for their level. Due to the combined levels in the summer class schedule, students may be placed in levels different from their regular fall classes.*Summer class levels do not indicate fall class levels* *Class types subject to change*

Punch cards and Unlimited Passes for these classes are available through the studio. Please click on the following link to sign up for classes online! https://patbartondance.com/register-for-summer/

Monday, July 19th

Studio A

5:00 Ballet Level 1 (beginner level)

5:45 Ballet Level 2 (Intermediate level)

6:30 Ballet Level 3 (Advanced level)

Tuesday July 20th

Studio A  (Adv/ Int- Adv)

5:00 Stretch and Conditioning

5:45 Adv Legs and Leaps

6:30 Adv Tricks

7:15 Teacher’s Choice

Studio D (Intermediate)

5:00 Stretch and Conditioning in Studio A

5:45 Legs and Leaps

6:30 Hip Hop (30 minutes) (Kindergarten and older)

7:15 Tricks

Studio C (Kindergarten- 2nd grade)(30 Minute classes)

5:00 Tricks class

5:30 Musical Theater

Wednesday, July 21st

Studio A

5:00 Ballet Level 1 (Beginner level)

5:45 Ballet Level 2 (Intermediate level)

6:30 Ballet Level 3 (Advanced level)

Studio D (Please consult the tumbling teacher if you have any questions on which level you need)

5:00 Acro Class C – Has worked on Back handsprings and side ariels (Last season’s class level 5 and up)

5:45 Acro Class A- knows nothing to has handstand and cartwheel (preschool- 1st grade)

6:30 Acro Class B – Has worked on handstand to back arabian (last season’s class level beg – level 4)

7:15 Acro Class D- Has worked back tuck- (last season’s class level 8-10)

Thursday July 22nd

Studio A – (Advanced/ Int- Adv) 

5:00 Turns

5:45 Abs and Arms (Intermediate level welcome to join this class)

6:30 Teacher’s Choice

7:15 Contemporary

Studio D (Intermediate)

5:00 Turns

5:45 Teacher’s Choice

6:30 Choreography

7:15 Jazz Funk

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