2019/2020 Season

*November 4th-7th: Observation Week for studios B and D

*November 11th-14th: Observation Week for studios A and C

*November 25th-December 1st: Thanksgiving Break- No Classes

*December 16th-19th: Holiday Spirit Week!

*December 22nd-January 5th: Winter Break

*March 14th-20th: Spring Break

*POSTPONED May 4th-8th: Costume Fitting Week. DATES TBD

*POSTPONED May 15th-16th: Picture Days DATES TBD

*POSTPONED June 4th-5th: Dress Rehearsals (SEP High School) DATES TBD

*POSTPONED June 6th-7th: Recitals (SEP High School) DATES TBD

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