The following classes are available for Kindergartners:

 60 minute combination Ballet, Tap, and Jazz class
Ballet: The foundation for all styles of dance. Focuses on strength and grace and provides a well-rounded, technical dancer.
Tap: Want to make music with your feet? This is the class for you! Focuses on coordinated footwork and rhythm.
Jazz: Energetic and fun dance style that evolves from ballet. Uses fast and upbeat music while focusing on turns, leaps, and movement.

30 minute Tumbling class
Provides acrobatic mat work and focuses on strength and flexibility. Please note: Classes are determined by skill level and not age. Recital performance for advanced classes only.  This is to lengthen the time that beginner and intermediate classes can learn new tricks and work on skills they have yet to master. Recital routines use skills they are already able to execute and prevents the students from continuing their training in the winter and spring months. Students will learn more and advance quicker with the extra months of training.

1/2 hour Kindergarten Hip Hop Class
Hip-Hop: A popular class for those who like to be loud and learn the moves that are popular today. Combines break-dancing with freestyle and street/urban dancing.