Dress Rehearsal Performance Order

Listed below is the order in which we will be rehearsing the routines during Dress Rehearsals. Please bring your dancer dressed in the first costume that they will rehearse. Please check in 15 minutes before the start of their scheduled rehearsal time. Remember to check this schedule carefully and make sure you are looking at the correct rehearsal day/time for your child. For many dances, more than one class performs the same routine so it is very important that you double check the rehearsal times for your child’s class! THIS IS NOT THE RECITAL SHOW ORDER. Please click on the “Recital Order” tab to view the recital performance schedule. Dress rehearsals are held at SEP High School Auditorium. Please make sure you have all your costumes! Your patience during the rehearsal process is much appreciated! We always try to move in a timely manner but it is important to take the time that the students need to feel comfortable and perform their best!

Thursday, June 8th at 10:00 am

Gummy Bears (Preschool Acro – Wed 5:15)

Silence (Adv. Acro – Tues 5:45,6:30,7:15)

Hair Up (Preschool Hip Hop – Wed 5:45)

Thursday, June 8th at 11:00 am

September (1st – 3rd Grade Hip Hop)

MJ (4th – 6th Grade Hip Hop)

Thursday, June 8th at 1:00 pm – Not In Show Order

It’s A Dance Party! (Opening)

Let Me Follow

Oriental Dream

Big Spender – Mallory

The Crew

Where Are We Going – Mallory

One Time (Combo 3 – Wed 7:45)

Pep Rally




Piece of my Heart


Here I Come

Party Go Boom

Higher Love

Little Secret

I Ran

Shake The Room

Dangerous Woman – McKenna




Prison Of Decision

Waiting For You (Combo 3 – Wed 7:45)

Already Gone (Seniors)

Word Up


I’m Alive (Team – Thurs 5:00)

Come Rest Your Head

Walk Like An Egyptian

Keep On Dancin’

Long Way Home


Back The Blue

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Foolish Games

Na Na Na

Ring Masters

Wanna Be Cool

No Boys Allowed

As Long As I Can See The Light

The Murder


Come Sail Away

Free Fallin’

All I Think About


Celebrate! (Finale)

Friday, June 9th at 9:00 am

Strawberry Shortcake (Preschool – Wed 5:45)

I’ve Got Faith (Combo 1 – Thurs 5:00)

Beauty and The Beast (Kindergarten – Mon 5:45)

Start The Party (1st/2nd Grade – Mon 6:45)

America’s Sweetheart (Team – Mon 5:00)

Penguins (Preschool – Wed 5:45)

Choo Choo Train (Kindergarten – Mon 5:45)

I’m Alive (Team – Mon 5:00)

Moana (1st/2nd Grade – Mon 6:45)

Girl In The Mirror (Kindergarten – Mon 5:45)

Time After Time (Team – Mon 5:00)

Move Your Feet (Combo 1 Tap – Thurs 6:00)

Walking On Sunshine (1st/2nd Grade – Mon 6:45)

Cool Kids (Team – Mon 5:00)

Something Wild (Combo 1 – Thurs 5:00)

Friday, June 9th at 11:30 am

Strawberry Shortcake (Preschool – Mon 5:00)

Beat Of Your Heart (1st Grade – Thurs 6:15)

Good Ship Lollipop (Preschool – Tues 5:15)

Baseball Boogie (1st Grade – Thurs 6:15)

Penguins (Preschool – Mon 5:00)

Superhero Beat (1st Grade – Thur 6:15)

Magic Tutu (Preschool – Tues 5:15)

Too Many Fish (1st Grade Small Group)

Friday, June 9th at 2:00 pm

Good Ship Lollipop (Preschool – Tues 6:00)

Strawberry Shortcake (Preschool – Thurs 4:30)

Beat Of Your Heart (1st Grade – Tue 6:45)

Beauty And The Beast (Kindergarten – Wed 6:30)

Start The Party (2nd Grade – Thurs 7:15)

Move Your Feet (Team – Tues 5:00)

Pretty Hurts (Team – Tues 6:30)

Magic Tutu (Preschool – Tues 6:00)

Penguins (Preschool – Thurs 4:30)

Baseball Boogie (1st Grade – Tues 6:45)

I’m Alive ( Team – Tues 6:30)

Moana (2nd Grade – Thurs 7:15)

Slow Down (Team – Tues 5:00)

Choo Choo Train (Kindergarten – Wed 6:30)

Superhero Beat (1st Grade – Tues 6:45)

Timber (Teams – Tues 5:45)

Walking On Sunshine (2nd Grade – Thurs 7:15)

Girl in the Mirror (Kind-Wed 6:30)

Friday, June 9th at 4:30 pm

Good Ship Lollipop (Preschool – Wed 5:00)

Beauty And The Beast (Kindergarten – Thurs 5:15)

Something Wild (3rd – 6th – Tues 7:45)

Fresh Eyes (Combo 2 – Thurs 6:30)

Magic Tutu (Preschool – Wed 5:00)

Jeepers Creepers (Combo 2 Tap – Thurs 7:30)

I’ve Got Faith (3rd – 6th – Tues 7:45)

Choo Choo Train (Kindergarten – Thurs 5:15)

Read All About It (Combo 2 – Thurs 6:30)

Jailhouse Rock (3rd – 6th Tap – Tues 8:45)

Girl In The Mirror (Kindergarten – Thurs 5:15)

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